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So together we put together a formula to weight the overall strength of each franchise, and create a scale to account for things coaches look for in an opening (geography, ability to have or land a quarterback, current roster strength, difficulty of winning the division, etc).Discount Football Jerseys China.In some cases we could rely on existing statistics and/or metrics (cap space, pending free agents, for instance) and in others we had to apply numbers ourselves after nailing down the merits of each team. I was sworn to secrecy by my co-conspirator, who I suspect may be using a similar exercise on his own to evaluate potential candidates and/or openings in the future, but suffice to say we looked at seven categories, ranked from 1-11, with the lowest score indicating the best situation (i.e., best location of job, best owner to work for, etc).Ultimately, I don’t expect there to be 11 head coaching openings.Authentic NFL Jerseys Sale.I’d bet on roughly half that number. And in many cases, Week 17 could play a huge role in whether one or more of these an owners begins sniffing around for an upgrade. And there is a very real chance the Saints trade coach Sean Payton, which is why New Orleans is among the 11 teams. In addition, many coaches believe Bruce Arians might retire, though he has rebuffed that notion. And should the Lions lose a third straight to miss the playoffs, one would have to consider that possibility, especially after rookie GM Bob Quinn mulled replacing Jim Caldwell a year ago, and knowing that this might be his shot to land a coveted coordinator like Josh McDaniels, his former colleague in New England.Jerseys Cheap Sale China.So all the hot coaching candidate need to be weighing options to determine which jobs you would want to interview for first, etc. We took a shot at conducting our own.

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