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NFL Jerseys Cheap.2017 season, there are eight teams will be included in the tough guy training camp shooting choice, but many teams chose to give up, such as the Baltimore Raven, Indianapolis Pony, Philadelphia Eagle and Cleveland Brown, the remaining team is Tampa Bay Pirates, New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans.It is not what every team wants to be selected because it means that the players’ attention will be distracted, but the pirates do not seem to care about them, at least their coach Dirk – “The NFL is the greatest game in the world and I have confidence in my team that they may be different under the camera and some rough, but our goals will not change: how is it?” Said Dirk Koetter.Jerseys Discount Sale. To win the division victory, how to complete the season trip.Pirates are a clear team, the 2016 season they almost entered the playoffs, the total record of 9 wins and 7 losses, this year they ushered in DeSean Jackson (DeSean Jackson), Chris – Becker ( Chris Baker) and JJ Wilcox (JJWilcox), the new season they will certainly be more powerful.Although it is not yet known which team will eventually become a tough guy training camp of the object, but the current probability of the largest pirates, at least their quarterback Jimmy – Winston (Jameis Winston) is very good at entertainment.NFL Wholesale Jerseys.

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